BeadHoppers 10mm Curved Slices 1pc or 10pc Packs

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 Made of copper and are covered with a high quality silver plating, made in Germany.

The curved slices are a simple way to add the "beadcap look" to lentils or other flattened beads. While not the "perfect" solution, they give you a chance to frame your lentils without much effort. As shown in the pictures below, just add a curved slice to your bead, with a pin in place, and bend the slice with pliers until you reach the desired fit. As our other beadcaps, the slices can be stacked for more visual impact. We offer these slices in different diameters, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm, to match a great variety of bead sizes and styles.

Arrange your individually design along the stem of your Beadhoppers pendants or necklaces.


Choose to buy individually or a 10pc pack.





Please note: any beads shown in photographs are for illustrative purposes only and are NOT part of the sale.