*Clearance* Kukui Nut Bead 30mm Teal 50pcs

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*Must be sent as Parcel Post* Our Kukui Nuts (koo-koo-wi) are grown, harvested and processed in the Philippines. They are lightweight, ultrasmooth and glossy. The chocolate is the nut in its natural colour and the colours are painted using gorgous colours and lead free. They range naturally in size from 20 to 30mm and have a 3mm hole drilled.

Traditional style necklaces made from kukui nuts contain 28 beads, threaded on 10mm ribbon in its coordinating colour and knotted between each bead. The necklaces in ended in a bow. This will leave you with a 70cm necklace. For a shorter style use 18 beads. Matching bracelets can also be made using 9 or 10 beads threaded on elastic and knotted. A section of ribbon is knotted in a bow over the knot of the elastic to give the appearance the beads are also strung on ribbon.